Lintbells Silver Water Eye Spray for dogs 20ml

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This gentle, antibacterial spray can be used to help avoid debris build up and reduce tear staining.If left unattended the debris can accumulate and harden, causing considerable discomfort for the dog and proving difficult and painful to remove, sometimes leaving a sore area under the eyes. With its antibacterial properties regular use of silver water can help prevent eye problems. We find that as it is so gentle many dogs don't mind it sprayed round their eyes. It is safe to use and won't hurt or irritate them. If they really don't like a spray near their eyes it can be sprayed onto the microfibre ear and eye cloth and applied that way. It can also be used for insect bites - I personally have never known anything so effective, it seems to take down the itching and swelling straight away (another product we use for people too!). Use with the microfibre ear and eye cleaning cloth to keep the eyes thoroughly clean and sparkling.

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