Health Care for Dogs

Health care is so important for your dog, our dogstuff products are those that we know from personal experience actually work.

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Joint Health for Dogs

We think these  joint support products are the best around. Our customers and ourselves use them on our dogs to great effect. Yumove Working Dog is a great price as it is VAT free.  We use it for all our dogs.

Dogs' Skin and Coat

Our skin and coat range offers aid for major problem areas - excessive shedding and coat condition, sore, itchy and irritable skin and minor injuries.

Dogs' Digestive Health

These are products that can help your dog's systems cope if they are delicate, and Odour Aid, the fantastic product that helps stop your dog smelling!

Ear Health for Dogs

We have three excellent applications to help with different ear troubles and the microfibre cloth for safe cleaning.

Eye Health for Dogs

The super silver water eye spray, combined with the microfibre cloth, is a must for those dogs who suffer from sore, messy eyes.

Oral Health for Dogs

See our four step regime for healthy teeth and gums on the oral health page - a third of dogs over the age of three suffer from dental problems.