Dog Grooming



Our Dog Grooming PlaceFinesse dog grooming was started by Denise in 1991 in nearby Long Bennington. Sue joined the business about 10 years later and we have been working at Thorpe Arnold near Melton Mowbray since 2006.

The grooming is done in a log cabin which is fitted with all the latest equipment; electric bath and tables etc., and is also fully air conditioned for the comfort of both dogs and humans. All dogs can be taken for toilet breaks in the garden in which the cabin is sited and customers can drive down the approach track right into our gravel yard to drop off their dogs.

We like to take time over the dogs we groom, not rush through them as quickly as possible
and we listen to you, the owner and try to style them to suit you and your lifestyle. We will demat if necessary up to a point, but not enough to distress the dog. Kindness is paramount. We take our work very seriously and every single dog is of equal importance to us.

We do get very busy, so new customers can expect to wait several weeks for their first appointment.