About us

We at Finesse  have owned dogs our entire lives. Sue's family had several dogs both pedigree and crossbreed while she was a child, whilst Denise grew up with mainly rough collies as her mother worked them in obedience, was well as showing and breeding them. Sue has owned several breeds, including cockers and cavaliers, not forgetting her beloved westie and great dane. Her greatest passion, though, is for German shepherd dogs. Sue worked for some years at a Safari Park, mainly with lions, so problem grooming dogs hold no terror for her!

Denise has owned rough collies all her life, and ACDs from the 80s and showed the first dog of her own when she was 17. She has owned and bred rough collie champions and first judged at the age of 21. She now judges as the highest level in her two breeds in the UK and has also judged in Eire and Sweden. She has judged ACDs at Crufts. They also jointly own the very handsome Tirri, their ACD champion.

Denise has worked as an editor in a publishing company and helped run the business for a high end fashion designer for 11 years before starting her dog grooming business after the birth of her son, Merlin.

Sue and Denise also ran a small boarding kennel for a few years, where the dogs had every attention, even 3 walks a day; before leaving to concentrate on the grooming business.